Cleansing Your Aura

As we accumulate unwanted energies in daily life, regular aura cleansing supports health and well-being. Like psychic dust bunnies, we go around collecting debris on our aura, until we finally do something to cleanse it… It is the same with personal hygiene. If you do not bathe, your body will become dirtier and dirtier. Gradually…


The Power Of Concentrated Focus

The principle of success is focus. It is what makes the difference between those who are successful and those who are not, regardless of how much talent, resource and energy that they have. It is a fallacy to think that the more things you do at once, the more you can accomplish. It is a counter…


Be A Centered Being

Do not become complacent when you have achieved a certain level of success. The reason why many people fail when they have become quite successful is because they start becoming overconfident, proud, too sure of themselves, arrogant, cocky and just plain imbalanced in their consciousness. They have moved off from the center. There is a…


Weightloss Lifestyle Disease Workshop

Three days Detox Diet Exercise Meditatation PEMF workshop.



Saturday to Monday 11am to 3pm Rs.7500/head. Includes meals.

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The Breath Of Life

What if the answer to all your life dilemma was as simple as learning how to breathe correctly?  Does that sound absurd or ridiculous? Whether or not that idea gives you pause, consider for a moment that your romantic success could be being thwarted simply because you are breathing badly. Yes, your drive to be…


What Is Your Worth?

The self-image is the foundation of everything in life. We all always act and think in consistency with our self-image or identity. Everything you do, think and feel is based on how you see yourself. The self-image is your own conception of “The person I am.” It is built from your beliefs about yourself. Our…


As I Think, So I Affirm

There are times when people come to you with a problem on their minds that is bothering them. They feel negative about it and are having thoughts of not being capable enough to deal with it. Maybe they lack confidence, belief, ideas or whatever they say it is. You might feel there’s nothing you can do to help…