Chunk-Down that Goal

Sometimes our biggest life goals seem so overwhelming. We rarely see them as a series of small, achievable tasks, but in reality, breaking down a large goal into smaller tasks—and accomplishing them one at a time—is exactly how any big goal gets achieved. After you have decided what you really want, with specific deadlines, the…


16 Avoidable Foods And Food Habits

We are all aware of the ill effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. But are we really aware of the silent killers, that are insidious enemies to our health. These are more dangerous since we do not know and recognize them as enemies, everybody is consuming them and hence we think its okay. This article…


25 Yog Pointers!!

1. CLEAN AIR Clean air is among our foremost needs. Without relatively clean air, in a matter of minutes you’re dead. Air pollution is an invisible threat we can’t do much about, but at least we can do our bit to stop making the problem worse. Keep your windows open as far as possible, especially…


MerKaBa YogAyurVed Living

Namaste Welcome to YogAyurVed – Bhopal’s premiere Yoga Ayurved Spa & Holistic Health Center. MerKaBa offers consultations, Yog, massages, beauty treatments, skin care, healing retreats and Weekend/Week-long Detox Programs. Ayurved translating from Sanskrit as Knowledge of Life is the world’s oldest, most complete and time-proven healing science. It originated in India more than 5,000 years…


Pure Yog: Why Patanjali?

“tada drshtuh swarupe awasthanam” – Then the seer is established in his original form Patanjali was a rare alchemy in the world of spirituality. We have had wise men and people with experiences.We have had poets. But their experiences did not come together as did those of Patanjali. Patanjali’s approach in the Yog Sutras, which…


Breathing Life!!!

What if the answer to all your life dilemma was as simple as learning how to breathe correctly?  Does that sound absurd or ridiculous? Whether or not that idea gives you pause, consider for a moment that your romantic success could be being thwarted simply because you are breathing badly. Yes, your drive to be…


The Five Fold Detox Cleanse: Panchakarma

The 5,000-year old healing science of Ayurveda teaches that good health depends upon our body’s ability to metabolize all aspects of life, assimilating that which nurtures us and eliminating the rest. When we can’t completely digest our food, experiences, and emotions, toxic residue gets stored in our bodily tissue, creating imbalance and – ultimately –…


Your Physical Well-being

The natural ingredients of the ayurvedic herbs are much better and free of side effects than the factory made chemical stuffed products. Simple ayurvedic home remedies can be very effective in relieving symptoms, and preventing further development of a disorder. However, once a disease has fully manifested and reached the final stage of development, specific treatments are required.


9 Buffet Tips That Can Be Applied To Life

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Even if the menu says ‘All you can eat’, what you get out of the meal is largely up to you.  Much as is the case with life. Like the generous spread on offer at a lavish buffet, we are offered a wi…

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Even if the menu says ‘All you can eat‘, what you get out of the meal is largely up to you.  Much as is the case with life. Like the generous spread on offer at a lavish buffet, we are offered a wide variety of experiences.  And just as we can navigate the meal in different ways with varying consequences, so it is with life.  It has taken me a while to learn the ‘art of eating at buffets’ and I felt many things understood there are equally relevant to the way we move through life.  So here are 9 parallels one could draw between enjoying such meals and life: